I will be continuing to mainly provide my stats on Twitter and Facebook, and I’ll basically be using this blog for overflow purposes.  It’s difficult posting some of my graphs and images on Twitter, so hopefully it will work a bit better here.

About SPLstats
Providing statistics and trivia about Scottish football. Main focus is the SPL, but all Scottish football will be covered. Not affiliated to the SPL.

6 Responses to SPLstats

  1. Jonny Blain says:

    Hi, thanks for the European qualification article but can you confirm what would happen if Rangers did not finish in the top 3?


    • SPLstats says:

      All the positions would be moved down one. So 1st & 2nd would be in CL, then the other “non-Rangers” members of the top 5 would be guaranteed Europa League.

      • Jonny Blain says:

        So if Rangers finished 3rd… and Hibs won the cup.

        top 2 into CL? 4, 5, 6 into the EL along with Hibs?

      • SPLstats says:

        We only have 3 Europa League spots.

        It would be top 2 in CL plus 2 Europa spots from the league, plus Hibs.

      • Jonny Blain says:

        ah ok, thanks.

        last one then:

        Rangers finish 3rd… Celtic win the cup…

        Celtic and 2nd into the CL, 4th and 5th in Europa along with 6th unless cup runners-up haven’t done so via the league?

      • SPLstats says:

        If Celtic win cup, runners-up will be Hibs/Aberdeen – seems unlikely either will qualify via league.

        In your scenario, the entrants would be:

        1st & 2nd – CL
        4th & 5th – EL
        SC Runner-up (Hibs/Aberdeen) – EL

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