Champions League 2012/13 – Entry Points.

Which Round?

Both Scottish teams will enter at the 3rd qualifying round, and will have to win two ties to reach the Group Stage.

 1st in SPL – 3rd Qualifying Round for Champions
2nd in SPL – 3rd Qualifying Round for non-Champions


The winners of the SPL will have an easier route – they will only play the champions of other smaller nations.  In the 3rd Qualifying Round they could face the champions of countries ranging from Switzerland or Israel right down to Notherern Ireland and Wales.  Seeding would make one of the latter seem more likely.  In the Play-off Round, the most difficult opposition they could face would be the champions of Belgium or Romania, but again seeding might keep them apart from these sides.

The other entrant will face non-champions from larger countries and will find it very tough to qualify.  In the 3rd Qualifying Round they could face the 3rd placed team from Portugal or the runners-up from Russia, Ukraine or the Netherlands.  The most beatable opposition would probably be the Danish or Belgian runners-up, but seeding would most likely prevent them from facing any of these sides.  If they progressed to the play-off stage, they could meet the 4th placed sides from England, Spain or Germany.

If either team loses their 3rd Qualifying Round tie, they would be parachuted into the Europa League at the Play-off Round.  If either team loses their Champions Play-off Round tie, they would drop down into the Europa League Group Stage.  More information about the Europa League will follow in the next blog.


The 2012/13 Champions League starts on 3rd July 2012 – two days after the final of Euro 2012.  Scottish teams don’t quite enter that early, but will play their first matches before the start of the SPL season.

3rd qualifying round – 30th July/1st August & 7th/8th August

Play-off round – 21st/22nd August & 28th/29th August

Group stage – 18th/19th September, 2nd/3rd October,  23rd/24th October, 6th/7th November, 20th/21st November, 4th/5th December.

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