Europa League 2012/13 – Entry Points



Which Round?

There are three Scottish entrants to the Europa League, and each will enter at a different round.  The order of entry depends on who wins the Scottish Cup, and is best explained by the list of priority below.

  • Scottish Cup Winner (if not already qualified for Champions League)
  • 4th in SPL
  • 5th in SPL
  • Scottish Cup Runner-up (if Champions League qualifiers win Cup)
  • 6th in SPL

The top ranked team from that list will enter at the Play-off Round.
The 2nd ranked team from that list will enter at the 3rd Qualifying Round.
The 3rd ranked team from that list will enter at the 2nd Qualifying Round.



The lowest ranked entrant will play their first European match on 19th July, two and a half weeks before the start of the SPL season.

2nd Qualifying Round – 19th July & 26th July

3rd Qualifying Round – 2nd August & 9th August

Play-off Round – 23rd August & 30th August

Group Stage – 20th September, 4th October, 25th October, 8th November, 22nd November, 6th/13th December


I’ve tried my best to make that as clear as possible, but feel free to leave any questions in the comments if there’s anything you’d still like cleared up

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3 Responses to Europa League 2012/13 – Entry Points

  1. Jobo Baldie says:

    A comprehensive, easy to follow explanation, thanks.

  2. Dietmar Van Tourhout says:

    So if Celtic win the Scottish Cup, then we will have a bottom 6 club in Europe? Again?

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