2013 SPLstats Quiz Questions

The inaugural SPLstats Quiz night took place in Glasgow on Friday 24th May.  16 teams participated and the eventual winners by half a point were the team from the “Pie and Bovril” forum.

For those of you who missed out on attending, here’s an opportunity to see how you would have got on.  Answers will be posted later.

Round 1 – The 2012/13 Season

1. Who was the first player to score in Europe for a Scottish club this season?
2. Who was the only Scottish player to score a hat-trick in the SPL in 2012/13?
3. Who scored Rangers’ first goal in SFL3?
4. Who finished as top scorer in the 2012/13 League Cup?
5. Queen of the South won the Challenge Cup following a memorable final against Partick Thistle. Name two of the four sides they beat on their way to the final.
6. What was the scoreline in the highest scoring SPL match of 2012/13? (state teams involved)
7. Who was the referee who controversially took charge of Celtic’s home Champions League defeat to Juventus?
8. Which two players started all six of Scotland’s World Cup qualifiers?
9. Name any two of the five nations drawn in Scotland’s 2015 Women’s World Cup qualifying group.
10. Which two St Mirren players scored in both the semi-final and final of the League Cup?



Round 2 – Name That Stadium

This was a picture round. Click the link below to download the quiz sheet.

Stadium Quiz Sheet



Round 3 – Name the Season

Another picture round – click below to download it.

Name That Season Sheet



Round 4 – Pointless

Round 4 was loosely based on the TV show Pointless, where the questions have multiple correct answers and aim of the game is to find the most obscure correct answer possible. Unlike the TV show, I did not survey 100 people before the quiz, so the aim for the teams was to choose a correct answer which none of the other teams in the room picked. 1 point was awarded if you were the only team to give your answer, half a point was awarded if two teams gave an answer, and no points were awarded if more than two teams gave an answer.

This twist added an element of psychology to the round. If everyone was going for an obscure answer, then that might mean that the most obvious answer would be the best one to go for. But if everyone thought that way, then nobody would score any points.

The 10 questions are listed below – each of them is a clickable link to a Sporcle quiz so that you can have a go at getting all the correct answers.

1. Name a club which has won the Scottish League Cup.
2. Name a player who has appeared in Scotland’s 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign.
3. Name a player who made 35 or more appearances in the 2012/13 SPL season.
4. Name a member of Scotland’s squad for the 1998 World Cup.
5. Name a Scottish player who scored in this season’s English Premier League.
6. Name any club which has played against a Scottish team in a Champions League group stage match.
7. Name any club which has won the Scottish 3rd Division.
8. Name anyone who won a Clydesdale Bank SPL monthly award (Player, Young Player or Manager of the Month) in 2012/13.
9. Name any player who has scored 10 or more goals for Scotland.
10. Name any player who has scored against Scotland at Hampden since 2000.



Round 5 – The Scottish Cup

1. The Scottish Cup was first contested in 1873/74. Which two sides met in the final?
2. Who are the only team to have played in more than one Scottish Cup final without winning the trophy?
3. Which are the only two sides to have met more than once in a Scottish Cup final since 2000 (excluding Celtic v Hibs, which hadn’t taken place at the time of the quiz)?
4. Who was the last player to score a hat-trick in the Scottish Cup final?
5. Who were the last team to score double figures in a Scottish Cup match?
6. Which two sides contested the first Scottish Cup final to go to a penalty shoot-out?
7. Who were the last club to win the Scottish Cup for the first time?
8. Who was the last player to be sent off in a Scottish Cup final?
9. Who were the last side from outside the top flight to win the Scottish Cup?
10. Which teams contested the last Scottish Cup final which didn’t feature a side from a city?



Round 6 – Missing Men

Another picture round. Click the link below to download.

Missing Men Sheet



Round 7 – The Scotland National Team

1. Scotland faced England in the first ever international football match. In what year was it played?
2. Scotland’s first World Cup finals came in Switzerland in 1954. Who did they face in their first match?
3. Who was the last player to score a hat-trick for Scotland?
4. How many times have Scotland qualified for the European Championships?
5. Who is the oldest player ever to play for Scotland?
6. Who scored the last minute winner for Italy which knocked Scotland out of Euro 2008?
7. Who was the last player to score in two consecutive games for Scotland?
8. Who took the corner from which Gary Caldwell scored in the 1-0 home win over France in 2006?
9. Who is the most capped Scotland player never to have played for a Scottish club?
10. Who were the last team Scotland beat by more than one goal in a competitive match?



Round 8 – Name that Player

Another picture round. Link below.

Name That Player Sheet




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