2014 SPLstats Quiz Questions

The second annual SPLstats Quiz night took place on Friday 16th May.  23 teams participated and the eventual winners were the STV Sport team, who very kindly donated their prize money to charity.

I’d like to thank Scotland’s Premier Oddsmaker, McBookie for their kind sponsorship of the event, which allowed me to secure an excellent venue in the shape of Firhill.  I’d also like to think David MacDonald of the Pie and Bovril forum for his very generous contribution to the prize fund, money which will now go to a very deserving charity.

For those of you who missed out on attending, here’s an opportunity to see how you would have got on.  Answers will be posted later.


Round 1 – The 2013/14 Season

1. Who scored the first league goal in the SPFL?
2. Which player made his Scotland debut against Belgium in September?
3. Who scored St Johnstone’s goal in their memorable 1-0 win away to Rosenborg?
4. Which side knocked holders St Mirren out of the League Cup?
5. Fraser Forster broke Bobby Clark’s top flight clean sheet record. How many minutes did he go without conceding a goal in the Premiership?
6. Which players missed a penalty in the League Cup final penalty shootout?
7. Raith Rovers beat Rangers 1-0 in the Challenge Cup final. Which member of their victorious side also won the same trophy last season?
8. Which two sets of brothers appeared in this season’s Scottish Premiership?
9. Three players scored inside the first minute of a Premiership match this season. Can you name two of them?
10. Neither of this season’s major domestic cup finals contained a team from Glasgow. When was the last time that this happened?



Round 2 – Name the Manager

This was a picture round.  Click the link below to download the quiz sheet.

Manager Sheet



Round 3 – Laws of the Game

1. How many laws are there?
2. What height should the crossbar be?

3. The laws of the game require a player to have five pieces of basic equipment. His shirt, shorts and socks are three – what are the other two?
4. A player attempts to pass the ball back to his goalkeeper directly from kick-off, but misjudges it and kicks it into the net without touching another player. What should the referee award?
5. At a throw-in, what distance must a defending player be from the point where the throw is taken?
6. The attacking team score a goal, but before play restarts the referee realises that the defending team had an extra player on the pitch. What should he award?
7. A defender standing outside the penalty area picks up a water bottle and throws it at a attacker standing inside the penalty area. What should the referee award?
8. How many substitutes are a team allowed to make in an international friendly?
9. An attacking player kicks the ball straight into the opponents’ net from a drop ball. What should the referee award?
10. There are seven offences listed in the laws of the game for which a player should be sent off. Can you name any 4 of them?



Round 4 – Pointless

Round 4 was loosely based on the TV show Pointless, where the questions have multiple correct answers and aim of the game is to find the most obscure correct answer possible. Unlike the TV show, I did not survey 100 people before the quiz, so the aim for the teams was to choose a correct answer which none of the other teams in the room picked. 1 point was awarded if you were the only team to give your answer, half a point was awarded if two or three teams gave an answer, and no points were awarded if more than three teams gave an answer.

This twist added an element of psychology to the round. If everyone was going for an obscure answer, then that might mean that the most obvious answer would be the best one to go for. But if everyone thought that way, then nobody would score any points.

The 10 questions are listed below – I will eventually convert these into 10 Sporcle quizzes so that you can have a go at getting all the right answers.

1. Name a player who has been awarded the SPFA Player of the Year.
2. Name a country who Scotland have faced at a World Cup or a European Championship finals (I’m looking for the name the country had at the time we faced them, not a modern name).
3. Name a manager who has won the Scottish Cup since 1990.
4. Name any opposing player who has scored against Celtic at Celtic Park this season.
5. Name any club who have played in a European final in Scotland.
6. Name any player with 50 or more caps for Scotland.
7. Name any club who have won at Ibrox since Ally McCoist took over at Rangers, or at Celtic Park since Neil Lennon took over at Celtic (excludes wins on penalties).
8. Name any Scottish player who has played in a Champions League knockout stage match (1992/93 onwards, only matches which took place after the group stage).
9. Name any player who has been an unused sub in a Scottish Cup final since 2010.
10. Name any player who scored 2 or more goals in a single Scottish Premiership match in the 2013/14 season.



Round 5 – Stadium Quiz

This was another picture round – click the link below to download the quiz sheet.

Stadium Quiz Sheet


Round 6 – Scottish Clubs in Europe

1. Which Scottish club played their only European away match without having to leave the island of Great Britain?
2. Which two teams from this season’s Premiership have never played in Europe?
3. Hibs were the first Scottish team to play in the European Cup. Who were their first opponents?
4. Which two Scottish clubs are unbeaten at home in European competition?
5. Which club have been the most frequent opposition for Scottish clubs in Europe?
6. Raith Rovers famously led 1-0 at half time away to Bayern Munich. Who scored their goal?
7. Which two non-city clubs have made it to the semi-final of a European competition.
8. Which side beat Celtic in the European Cup final in 1970?
9. Who was the last player to score a hat-trick for a Scottish club in a European match?
10. How many different Scottish clubs have participated in European competition?



Round 7 – Name that Player

This was a picture round – click the link below to download the question sheet.

Scottish Cup Player Sheet



Round 8 – Missing Men

Another round with a question sheet – click the link below to download it.

Missing Men Sheet



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